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COVID Relief

A team of GBS volunteers has been engaged in different activities to combat corona in Rajasthan since March 24 right from the outbreak of the virus. Activities like distributing food packets among the poor

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Micro Finance

Looking at the increasing demand of rural women entrepreneurs for their household business and other domestic needs GBS decided to evolve an agency exclusively for supporting the women

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Study and research (Research on desertification)

GBS conducted a research on the process of desertification in the Aravalli ranges in district Jaipur. Key aspects of the research:

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Environment is the major issue and Gram Bharati Samiti was formed to protect and improve to and has been focusing on for over 35 years. It has been campaigning for forestation on farm boundaries,

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GBS is the first NGO to initiate work in the field of HIV/AIDS in Rajasthan. Started with conducting a survey in 100 villages on the socio-economic and cultural life of some of tribal communities traditionally

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A project was implemented in 2016-2021 (still continued) to provide the rural/tribal women of backward castes with health care services in 60 villages in district Jaipur in the Rajasthan state of India with support from the Runnebaum

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GBS provided the one thousand two hundred adolescent girls of backward castes with non-formal education and skill development in weaving carpets and embroidery. The girls deprived

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Heritage Step Wells Restoration

GBS has been engaged reviving traditional water harvesting structures i.e. old dried wells and step wells in order to solve the problem of safe drinking water of the village communities and resuscitate the ancient

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Empowering the women by organizing them in Self Help Groups (SHG), raising awareness on their rights, combating domestic and worksite violence, and making them economically self-sustained has been one of GBS’ core objectives. Over 6,600 SHG have so far been formed so far in 78 villages by involving

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