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GBS new website is going to live

Over the last decade, the world has become increasingly digitised. New technologies are disrupting the world we live in, bringing about a complete transformation in our daily lives. Digital technologies like social media also give rise to new business models and are crucial to driving business growth. This pretty much explains why utilising social media to get the marketing message across is a top priority for most organisations.
According to eMarketer, advertising spends in traditional mediums like print and out of home have contracted by 15% globally in 2020 while digital spends went up by 12%.
Companies hire expert digital marketing professionals to develop and oversee robust online marketing strategies in the current business environment. With digital media replacing many traditional forms of marketing that were successful in the past, the need for appropriate technical skills to manage digital campaigns is a top-most priority for brands. Thus, marketing professionals who are digital-savvy, creative, and have business proficiencies are in demand like never before.
Whether to help a company grow bigger or to progress in your career, a digital marketing specialisation is a force to reckon with in today's digital age. By 2025, its estimated that India will have close to 974.86 million internet users and the digital marketing industry will be worth US$160 billion by 2025, making it three times the current value (Goldman Sachs, 2020), it is one of the hottest career options right now. If you are looking to rejig your career in digital marketing and help your businesses thrive, the Centre for Executive Education at ISB (Indian School of Business) has an ideal programme for you.