Upcoming Projects

Future plans 
1. Women’s training centre at Khawarani
A training centre for rural women entrepreneurs is likely to be established shortly in village Khawarani in block Jamwaramgrah in district Jaipur in collaboration with HSHR, Germany. A piece of 2000 sq. yards of land has been purchased.
Following will be the main purpose of the centre:
· Providing the women of the area with training in different vocations including carpet and durry weaving, shoe making, bangle making, making paper plates, embroidery etc.
· Raising awareness among the women on women’s rights, human rights, sexual health and reproductive health and rights, small family norms, prevention of HIV/AIDS, combating violence against women, improving environment etc.
·  Supporting the trained women in establishing their own household units
Expected outcomes
· Annually 100 entrepreneurial women will be provided with vocational training
· Awareness will be raised among 200 women on various issues related to their life every year
· Support will be provided to at least 25%  trained women to establish their house hold units
2.Institute for environmental research
·    Survey on endangered medicinal plants in the ARAVALLI ranges of district Jaipur
·   Educating and training the community people on protection of medicinal plants
·    Establishing a research laboratory for testing water, soil, temperature, moisture etc.
·   Developing a poly house for raising some medicinal plants
GBS has got 2 acre land at village Arjunpura in block Jamwaramgarh of district Jaipur for the laboratory and the poly house. Initially a set of 2 rooms has already been constructed.
Expected outcomes 
·    A scientific database of the medicinal plants would be available
·    A laboratory will be established for testing of water, soil, moisture etc.
·    A poly house will be developed to raise saplings of endangered plant species                    
·    Possibility will be evolved for pharmaceutical unit in the area for Ayurvedic medicines
The Government of India has approved a budget amounting to INR 3.40 crores ($ 565,000) for the project under 35 AC which will be 100% tax exempted.
3.Mother and Child Hospital for rural area
The rural areas of 100 villages GBS currently working in block Jamwaramgarh in district Jaipur is lacking adequate medical and health care facilities and services, particularly the women and children in almost a radius of 50 km. Hospitals and dispensaries for the women and children are located in the big cities and towns only nearly 50 km. away from the area. Many of the poor rural women die before reaching these hospitals.  
The level of awareness on health issues among the women and their knowledge on reproductive and sexual health is quite negligible. Hence the situation of women and children's health is pitiable. The rate of mothers' morbidity and mortality and infant mortality is very alarming in the area. The rate of infant (children below 5 years of age) mortality is 76 per 1,000 and the maternal mortality is 445 per 100,000 in the area much high than the national ratio. 
Also, the spread HIV/AIDS is increasing very fast in the rural areas. The facts notified during a survey carried out by GBS in 2007 in 150 villages in Rajasthan are quite startling. Only 56% rural youth between the age group of 18-40 and 28% women are aware of the pandemic. Only 19% women have the correct knowledge on infection HIV and other STDs/RTIs. 
GBS has , therefore, planned a 50 bedded Mother & Child Hospital to be established in the midst of block Amber and Jamwaramgarh earliest possible to provide the women with high class gynecologic, obstetric, pre and post natal services and children with appropriate health care at nominal costs.