Accomplished Projects

 Women's entrepreneurship

A Project ‘Improvement of the quality of life of rural women through entrepreneurship development’ was implemented in village Koliyon ki dhaani in Block Jamwaramgarh of district Jaipur in collaboration with Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe in Rajasthan e. V. (HSHR), Germany with support from Foundation of Development Cooperation of the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg (SEZ).with support from HSHR and SEZ. Following were the major outcomes of the project:

  • Fifty women entrepreneurs of backward castes received training in weaving durry (hand woven cotton mats)
  • Skill of the women artisans was developed in developing new designs of cotton mats
  • Income of the women artisans increased substantially
  • Opportunities of jobs increased for entrepreneurial women of the area
  • Health problems of the women entrepreneurs and their family members addressed

Looking at the success of the project and scope for training to more rural women SEZ approved another project for training 50 women in embroidery in village Pawata, which was started in January 2017

Gully plugging

A project for improving water management and checking soil erosion was implemented at Gandhivan, with support from HSHR and Daimler, Germany during 2016 - 2017.

Following were the key achievements:

  • Sixty deep gullies were plugged with mud bunds and mulched with grasses
  • Twenty thousand bushes/shrubs of indigenous species planted in the gullies
  • Endangered species of several medicinal plants are being regenerated
  • Problem of fuel and fodder of 100 community people will be solved after 1-2 years
  • Level of underground water be raised in the wells of adjoining area
  • Soil and moisture conserved at 1,000 hectare land will help growing vegetation
  • Ten youth volunteers and women trained on environmental issues
  • The land of the fields around the Gandhivan area protected from the rain water flowing from the Aravalli hills and the fertile surface soil of their land checked

Night classes

It was being felt for a long time that though the women artisans of village Koliyon ki Dhaani have started earn their livelihood sustainably, but moist of them are illiterate, so they should be taught read and write. When this was discussed with the women entrepreneurs, they were pleased to hear it and expressed their willingness to read in the evening after finishing their household work. Dr. Monika Boehm of HSHR discussed the matter with some donors in Japan. Ms. Dinnah Imanari in consultation with some of her colleagues willingly agreed to support the women’s education project. This way the evening classes were started for the entrepreneurial women in village Koliyon ki Dhaani with support from Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Kobe-Osaka, Kobe Union Church, Didymos and some anonymous donors of Japan in 2016.

FK Exchange

A project of exchanging volunteers on women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship development was conceived in collaboration with China Green Foundation, China and Dalit Welfare Association, Nepal with support from FK Exchange, Norway. Under the project attempts will be made for promotion of durry (cotton mat - Indian handicraft) weaving and embroidery (Chinese handicraft) by the volunteers. One volunteer from each partner country will be deployed to the other two countries under the exchange program. Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS) will be the coordinator of the project.

Bhawani Shanker Kusum and Ramchandra Saini participated in the Introduction seminar organized in Mumbai on February 13-15, 2017 wherein objectives, principles and guidelines on the Exchange program was described by the facilitators of the FK Exchange. Also, discussion held among the representatives of three partners on various aspects of the proposed project of exchange. As the next step Bhawani will be visiting DWA in Kathmandu (Nepal and CGF in Beijing (China) in April, 2017 to finalize the project and then the project proposal will be submitted to FK exchange for approval.

Skill development among adolescent girls

The project for providing the adolescent girls of backward castes with non-formal education, awareness on their rights and training on entrepreneurial activities implemented during the year with support of the Global Fund for Children (GFC), U.S.A. with following activities:

  • Training workshop for training the trainers
  • Non formal education center to provide the adolescent girls with primary level non formal education
  • Awareness camps, Peace Tiles workshops, FGD for awareness on women's rights, reproductive and sexual health, prevention of HIV/AIDS, violence against women and girls etc.; Vocational training on carpet weaving and embroidery

Mobile health care

A project for mobile health care for the rural women and children was started on January 15, 2015 with support from Runnebaum Foundation, Germany and in spiritual collaboration with and encouragement of Dr. Monika Boehm- Tettelbach of HSHR, Germany.

A team was constituted consisting of an experienced nurse and GBS outreach workers to travel with essential drugs and medical equipments to diagnose and treat the poor women and children in 30 villages deprived of any medical and health care services. Average 3 villages are visited and 660 to 700 patients are diagnosed and provided with basic medicines in a trip.

Male nutrition, cold, weakness, anemia, fever, lack of cleanliness etc. are the common problems found among the children. The diseases generally found in women are anemia, fever, leucorrhea, teeth ache, joint pain, jaundice and arthritis etc. Most of the women are found physically very weak. Also they have problems of irregular and painful or complicated menstruation and eye cataract in early age. The project is getting wonderful response and applause from the rural communities in the area.