Awards & Appreciation

    Van Vistarak Puraskar Given by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of Rajasthan in 1996 for raising awareness on environment  

UNDP declared the project as ‘Success story of wasteland development’ in 2000      

Ford Conservation and Environment Award Given by the Ford India Co. for Protection and improvement of environment.


Indira Priyadarshani Vrikshamitra Puraskar,Given by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India for performing outstanding work on wasteland development in 2000 
A delegation of SAARC Countries called the project as ‘Best practice on poverty alleviation through wasteland development’      
Women’s empowerment 
Award for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life’ (Giving hope to the helpless) given by Women’s World Summit Foundation, Geneva to Kusum Jain, Joint Secretary, GBS for performing outstanding work for welfare of the rural women in 2001 
‘Jal Mitra Puraskar’ (‘Friend of the Water’ award) given by the Divisional Commissioner, Jaipur, Government of Rajasthan to Kusum Jain in 2006 for performing extraordinary work for water conservation
 Kusum Jain was selected among ‘Management Gurus of Rural India’ under a process of selection for Janakidevi Bajaj Award by S. N. D. T.  Women’s University, Mumbai n 2007 for excellent work on empowering the rural women through entrepreneurship development