Activites - Study and research

 Research on desertification

GBS conducted a research on the process of desertification in the Aravalli ranges in district Jaipur.Key aspects of the research:

(i) Existence of forest, wild animals and birds 20 to 50 years before in the area
(ii) Demographic statistics of that period
(iii)Source of livelihood at that time
(iv) Cultivation and animal husbandry
(v) Process of deforestation
(vi)Endangered species of animals and
Following were the key findings of the study:
  • Threatened plants from the sandy habitats
  • The plants of gravel habitat threatened in the Thar Desert
  • Endangered birds
  • Rare animal species
  • Severely endangered animal species
Causes of extinction
  • There are several causes of extinction of several animal species, prominent among which are:
  • Loss of habitat
  • Global warming
  • Hunting for meat and earning money from sales of nails, skin and other organs
  • Inappropriate protection measures
  • Lack of awareness among the people
  • Following methodology was adopted for the research:
  • Survey and study on the research topics
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Feedback from the key stakeholders on research findings
  • Final report