Activites - Environment

Environment is the major issue and Gram Bharati Samiti was formed to protect and improve to and has been focusing on for over 20 years. It has been campaigning for forestation on farm boundaries, pasturelands, public/community lands etc. and reforestation in deforested areas e.g. denuded hills.
GBS pilot project on wasteland development has been recognized and appreciated widely. It is a model project on developing the infertile, undulated and gullied sandy wasteland through conserving soil and moisture, reviving indigenous plant species, stabilizing sand dunes, harvesting rain water, plugging gullies etc. A barren sandy area of a time has now been converted into a thick forest of over one hundred thousand trees of various species, an adequate roost for hundreds of birds and wild animals. The project named as ‘Gandhivan’ has been conferred with several national/international awards.