Activites - HIV/AIDS

GBS is the first NGO to initiate work in the field of HIV/AIDS in Rajasthan. Started with conducting a survey in 100 villages on the socio-economic and cultural life of some of tribal communities traditionally involved in sex work in 1991 with support from Am FAR, USA GBS has continued to work in this area for past 23 years. It has implemented number of projects for prevention, treatment and family and community based care and support with regard to HIV/AIDS in collaboration with various national international agencies.GBS has been working with tribal women in sex work and the migrating youth in the rural villages with a holistic approach of addressing their key problems in addition to protect them from infection of HIV/AIDS and STDs/RTIs. Over 20,000 community people were benefitted from the projects/programs implemented by GBS including basic amenities i.e. safe drinking water, primary level non formal education to their children, health care etc.