Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS) or Society for Rural Development was founded in April 1984 with the aim of "establishing a society based on humanitarian, democratic values and ecologically balanced habitat”. It was registered as a charity organization (‘Not for profit’ NGO) on 28, July 1984 under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act (1958). The organization has got special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It is registered under section 80 G and 12 A for exemption from Income Tax under the Income Tax Act 1961 of India.
To establish a society based on humanitarian, democratic values and ecologically balanced habitat, a society where every person can live in justice, dignity and freedom. Equal opportunities are available for all to live a peaceful life. A society, which honors every human being without any kind of discrimination based on caste, class, creed, color, religion or gender.
To organize people, increase their level of awareness and capacity enabling them to exert for their fundamental rights, participate in decision-making process and exercise control over their lives and natural resources. To uplift the level of living of poor people, particularly the rural and tribal communities, specifically the women by making them economically self reliant and ensuring their access to basic amenities like safe drinking water, nutrient meals, general health care, primary education etc.
 We strongly believe in:
·Equality in all spheres of life and focus on welfare of the ‘have- nots’
·Adequate recognition to women’s dignity, participation and empowerment at all levels.
·A behavior enriched with self esteem and human dignity and equal opportunities for the  People Living with HIV/AIDS, physically handicapped or the disabled.
GBS objective is serving the poor rural/tribal people, particularly the women, children, handicapped, those who are affected/effected with leprosy and PLWHA. GBS stands for over all uplift of the community people in order to improve their status in family and society as well by raising their self-confidence and self-esteem and making them economically self-reliant.
General Council
The GBS General Council consists of 130 members spread around India. It meets on an annual basis and elects an 11 member Executive Committee once every three years.
Executive Committee
The 11 member Executive Committee consists of 5 primary office bearers - the President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Joint Secretary who are elected by the General Council once every three years. It meets on a quarterly basis.
GBS is managed and administered by the Secretary & Executive Director with the help of Joint Secretary and a core team of staff personnel. GBS work is made possible through the dedicated work of some 150 volunteers who help in the implementation of various projects in their respective areas.
Policy of Non-Discrimination
GBS maintains a policy of non-discrimination and is not prejudiced by caste, color, gender or religious belief. 
Gender   consciousness
GBS has a strong emphasis on gender equality, with a minimum third of the members of its Executive Committee consisting of women. GBS is involved in a range of projects designed to empower the women.